Information as of February 21, 2024

Account Description TermMinimum Deposit Rate APY*
 Savings Accounts N/A $25.00 0.40% 0.40%
 Checking Accounts N/A $0.00 0.00% 0.00%
 Certificate of Deposit 6-Months $1,000.00 3.98% 4.06%
 Certificate of Deposit 12-Months $1,000.00 3.68%3.75%
 Certificate of Deposit 24-Months $1,000.00 3.15% 3.20%
 Account Description Term APR* APR* Type Apply Today!
 New & Used Auto Loans 36 to 72** Months 4.05% to 18.00% FixedClick Here to Apply
 Recreational/Title Loans36 to 72** Months 5.05% to 18.00% FixedClick Here to Apply
 Signature Loans 6 to 48 Months 7.30% to 18.00% Fixed Click Here to Apply
 Shared/CD Secured Loans Term or Max 60-Months 5.00% above rate Fixed Click Here to Apply

Fee Schedule

The following fees may be assessed against your account.

Membership Fee$1.00 each
ATM/Visa Check Card Reorder Fee$5.00 each
Check Printing FeeFee depends on style of checks ordered
Bank CheckFree to members
Courtesy Pay Fee$30.00 each
Return Check Fee$30.00 each
Non-Sufficient Funds / NSF Fee / Overdraft Fee (Check, Check Card & ATM)$30.00 each
ATM Fee Force Payment$30.00 each
ACH Returned Item Fee$30.00 each
Stop Payment Fee$35.00 each
Excessive Withdrawals on Savings Account$3.00 each
Account Research$30.00 per hour
Print Out of Account History Fee$3.00 each
Check / Share Draft Statement Cop Fee$3.00 each
Wire Transfer Fee Outgoing$35.00 each
Late Loan Payment Fee$35.00

CD Early Withdrawal Penalties (New and Renewed CDs)(Applies to Amount Withdrawn)
Maturity of 3-12 Months – 90 Days Interest
Maturity of 13-24 Months – 180 days interest
Money Order Fee$1.00
Dormant Fee (monthly) after 1 year$5.00

**72-months for $40,000 and above